Pascal's Pork Crackling Snacks FAQs

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Pascal's Pork Crackling Snacks FAQs
Don’t know the difference between pork crackling and pork scratchings? Lying awake at night pondering the mysterious and shocking history of fried porky treats?
Fret no more!
Here are our answers to the most pressing questions that we’re frequently challenged with here at Pascal’s Pork Scratchings. And, if your query is so left-field it's not mentioned below — just get in touch and ask!

Pork Scratchings Basics

Where, When, How, and Why Were Pork Scratchings Invented?

Although misted by the hazy fogs of time, serious scratching aficionados agree that the sumptuous food we love today was first invented in the Black Country of the UK in the early 1800s.
With most lower-class families owning a pig for intended slaughter — and being underpaid and overworked — nothing could go to waste. Hence, they made use of the fat rind by frying it up into pork crackling and scratchings.

What Are Pork Scratchings?

Whether used as a tasty snack, health food, or accompaniment to your main meal — pork scratchings are the rind of a pig’s shank, carefully frizzled in oil, and seasoned with a little salt.

Are Pork Scratchings the Same as Pork Crackling Chips?

Traditional crackling is created by double-cooking shoulder rind — with no fat —  whereas pork scratchings are single-fried shank rind — with fat. These key differences in the cut and preparation determine the final product.
Crackling is filled with more air, creating a light puffy texture, while scratchings have that decadent and unmistakable crunch with a meaty interior.

Are Pork Scratchings Identical to Pork Rinds?

Yes, and no! Pork scratchings are artisanally created by Pascals by single deep-frying shank rind. However, if the rind comes from a different part of the pig, and is prepared through a slightly different method — it can become pork crackle, puff, or chicharrón.

Are Pascal’s Pork Scratchings Pub Style?

It depends on your definition of pub style! If you mean are they authentically handmade, perfected with a vintage recipe, and prepared without preservatives and artificial colours — the answer is a resounding, YES!
However, if you’re wondering if they’re the mass-manufactured, bland-tasting, corporate products seen hanging in many characterless pub chains — then no!

Why Are Pork Scratchings Called Scratchings?

It’s a mystery shrouded under the thick cloak of time — and a question that has perplexed pork rind historians for aeons.
Generally, there are three schools of thought:
Scratch was Black Country, UK slang for being frugal — ensuring that every part of the pig was utilised and not wasted.
In the 1800s, the fat was fried within an inch of its life to ensure longevity — creating an overly hard, sharp exterior that scratched the roof of the mouth.
It hails from the old Middle English word for fried fat — scratchenis — exemplified by…
My bones beth drie and forsoke, as scrachenis that beth forfryed (Seven Penitential Psalms, c.1440)
Which basically means, my body was dry and lifeless, like a pork rind that’s been fried to a crisp.

Are Pascal’s Pork Scratchings Better Than Making Them Yourself?

What a question! We’re not going to put any downers on your grandma’s years-honed method and her amazing results of preparing homemade pork scratchings! 
However, if you’re not lucky enough to have a talented grandparent at hand, or the time, inclination, or skills to follow Jamie Oliver’s pub-style pork scratching recipe — then yes, our premier pork treats beat anything you can make at home! Visit our online shop, and taste the difference for yourself!

Pork Scratching Creation

From What Part of a Pig Are Pork Scratchings Made?

The best pork scratchings are made from the fried rind of a piggy’s loin — the dorsal side along the rib cage.

Why Are Pork Scratchings Different Sizes and Shapes?

As our gourmet pork scratchings are lovingly handmade from 100% Australian pork loin rind, each crispy piece of crackling has its own individual appearance — without the uniform shape of heavily manufactured alternatives.

Do You Use Australian Pork for Your Pork Scratchings?

Indeed we do! Pascal’s Pork Scratchings are carefully and passionately made from 100% Australian pigs.

Pork Scratching’s Ingredients and Nutrition

What Kind of Pork Do You Use in Pascal’s Pork Scratchings?

Hand-cooked to perfection, Pascal’s Pork Scratchings are 100% Australian pork rind (skin), expertly fried in lard, and carefully seasoned with naturally evaporated sea salt.

Are Pascal’s Pork Scratchings Dairy Free?

Yes! Containing nothing but hand-picked Australian pork rinds, sea salt, and pork fat — our pork scratchings are 100% dairy-free, making them excellent for non-dairy diets and the lactose intolerant.

Are Pascal’s Pork Scratchings Gluten Free?

Indeed! With just three ingredients, Pascal’s Pork Scratchings are reassuringly gluten-free — hence perfect for coeliacs, those with IBS, and gluten ataxia.
However, be careful out there! Some manufacturers ‘enhance’ their pork snacks with breadcrumbs and other wheat-based extracts, making them unsuitable for gluten-free diets.

Do Your Pork Scratchings Contain MSG (monosodium glutamate)?

No! In strong contrast to many mass-produced and characterless pork scratchings — ours contain ZERO monosodium glutamate.
MSG is most commonly used as a flavour enhancer. Our premium-selected pork rind, traditional recipe, and artisan preparation mean that our porky delicacies are so packed with natural flavour, they don’t require any enhancers, embellishments, or enliveners.

Pork Scratchings Health and Lifestyle

I’m Diabetic — Can I Still Enjoy Pork Scratchings?

You bet! With low-to-zero sugar content, our pork scratchings are one of the best low-carb snacks for diabetics — having minimal effect on your blood glucose levels.

Are Pork Scratchings the Best Low-Carb Snacks?

We consider our pork scratchings the best high protein, low carb snacks Australia has to offer. With minimal carbohydrate content, they’re perfect for keto, low-carb, and Atkins diets.

Are Pork Scratchings Good for My Health?

With low-carb content, just three ingredients, and no preservatives — Pascal’s Pork Scratchings are ideal healthy high protein snacks to buy. That said, as with all edibles, overdoing it on any particular foodstuff isn’t a good idea.
Therefore, ensure your enjoyment of our luxury pork scratchings forms part of an overall healthy diet.

Are Pork Scratchings Suitable for a Keto Lifestyle?

Yes! Pork scratchings are considered one of the best keto snacks as they contain little to no carbohydrates and are high in protein.

Can I Buy Pascal’s Pork High Protein Snacks in Woolworths?

No, but you can have them rapidly delivered to your door from our online store. As Pascal’s Pork Scratchings are high in protein, they’re ideal for muscle building — when following a regular resistance training program.

Are Pork Scratchings Good for Low-Carb Diets?

They’re phenomenal! Delivering less than 0.05 grams of carbohydrate per serving, these healthy meat snacks can be enjoyed by adherents to Atkins, keto, and low-carb diets.

Are Pork Scratchings the Best Keto Snacks?

When you need a high protein, low carb treat that actually tastes amazing — there are few foods that are keto-friendly in Australia that can come close to Pascal’s Pork Scratchings. In our opinion, they’re the ultimate and best low-carb snacks.

Are Pork Scratchings Good for Standard Keto Diets (SKDs)?

The SKD method involves following a 70 percent fat, 25 percent protein, and 5 percent carbohydrate plan — making Pascal’s Pork Scratchings a virtually perfect foodstuff for this lifestyle.

What Are the Best Keto Snacks in Australia?

You know what we’re going to say! In our humble opinion, the ultimate keto snacks in Australia are Pascal’s low-carb, high-energy pork scratchings.

Pork Scratchings Serving Suggestions and Enjoyment

Can I Use Pascal’s Pork Scratchings if My Pork Crackling Is Not Up to Scratch?

Sure! We know that making your own crackling from a pork joint can be time-consuming and requires a little skill.
Instead, just present your roast dinner with a couple of our scratchings, and cover with luscious gravy. Your family, friends, and guests will never guess your sneaky secret — and will be praising your awesome home cooking skills!

How Long Do Pork Scratchings Keep Their Flavour?

Pascal’s Pork Scratchings are expertly encased by luxury packaging designed to keep out air and moisture — allowing your golden brown pork delights to retain their crunch, texture, and flavour for up to six months.
Once opened, consume the same day.

How Should I Use Pork Scratchings?

However you want! Remarkably versatile, and with an unmistakable home-cooked flavour and texture, our pork scratchings can be enjoyed in a cornucopia of tasty ways:
Pull open a packet and relish as a formidable snack.
Serve with a roast dinner for the perfect pork crackling.
Use as a fat bomb for energy boosts on keto.
Pop them into casseroles and slow-cooked meals.
Serve with dips such as guacamole, blue cheese, and hummus.
Use as an easy replacement on roast pork with crackling dishes.

How Long Do Pork Scratchings Last?

Once you’ve tasted Pascal's Pork Scratchings, their moreishness means they will not last long!
However, if you can somehow resist the temptation and keep the scrumptious contents untouched in their packet — they will last up to six months.

What if I Found a Hair On My Pork Scratching — Is That OK?

Butcher scratchings made in the United Kingdom are sometimes a little bit hairy — although perfectly safe to eat. Pleasingly, Pascal’s Pork Scratchings are not, as we use 100 percent Australian pigs who aren’t as hirsute as their British cousins.
However, should you find a wayward hair on your scratching, and you find this ruins your enjoyment or experience— just tell us!

Where to Buy Pork Scratchings

Can I Buy Pascal’s Pork Crackling in Woolworths?

No! You can’t get your hands on our delicious, handmade scratchings in Woollies — nor can you buy our pork crackling in Coles. You can, however, get your hands on our premium, boutique porky goodness right here at our online store.

Where Can I Get Hold of Pascal’s Pork Scratchings?

To relish the unmatched flavour and crunchy texture of our pork scratchings — you have two choices! There’s an ever-growing list of retail outlets and suppliers who stock our luxury treats — get in touch, and we will let you know your nearest supplier.
Alternatively, just use our online store and enjoy the convenience of Australia's finest pork scratchings being delivered to your door!

Where Can I Buy Pork Scratchings Online?

You can get your hands on Pascal’s finest pork scratchings by heading to our online shop.

Do You Offer Pascal’s Pork Scratchings to Wholesalers?

Of course! If you want to become a partner with Pascal’s Pork Scratchings, simply contact us for more details.

Can I Sell Your Pork Scratchings in My Shop or Online Store?

Yes! Get in touch, and let’s talk!

Can I Become a Distributor for Pascal’s Pork Scratchings?

Of course! We love to welcome new distributors across Australia — contact us, and we can begin to work together!

Can I Buy Pascal's Pork Scratchings Anywhere in Australia?

Wherever you live in Australia — you can enjoy the premium crunch and unmatched taste of Pascal’s Pork Scratchings. Browse our tempting online store, and we will deliver delicacies to your doorstep.

Who Are Pascal’s Pork Scratchings’ Typical Customers?

Hand-crafted, lovingly prepared, and with no preservatives — our pork crackling snacks are suitable for everyone and every outlet! While not an exhaustive list, our finest crunchy scratchings are enjoyed by:
Individuals — schoolchildren, parents, and grandparents.
Service stations.
Bottle shops.
Health food stores.
General stores.
Bodybuilding shops.
Fine food emporiums.
Farmer’s markets.