Our Pork Scratchings Nutritional Information

Additive, Preservative, and Artificial Colour Free

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Our Pork Scratchings Nutritional Information
What’s in Our Pork Scratchings?

What’s in Our Pork Scratchings?

Pork skin, pork fat, and sea salt — that’s it. Why make it any more complicated?

Premium ingredients deserve respect — by keeping Pascal’s Pork Scratchings simple, honest, and untarnished means we guarantee you a taste sensation that equals the best home-cooked crackling.
Our 100 percent prime, hand-cut, Australian pork rind is artisanally slow-cooked in the finest pork lard — not fried in allergenic and preservative-laden seed oils like many mass-produced crackles. Once cooked to perfection through our secret Seychellois family tradition, the crispy, golden cracklings are lovingly seasoned with premium naturally evaporated, unbleached, sea salt.
The result is the ultimate pork scratchings — handmade right here, on Australia’s Central Coast.
✔ Preservative-free.
✔ Additive-free.
✔ Artificial colouring-free.
✔ MSG (monosodium glutamate)-free.
✔ Seed oil-free.
✔ Dairy-free.
✔ Gluten-free.
✔ Simply includes three of the finest natural ingredients.

Pascal’s Pork Scratchings Nutrition

While our approach, cooking method, and reliance on wholly natural ingredients are reassuringly traditional — Pascal’s Pork Scratchings are refreshingly suited to modern diets.
Remarkably low in carbohydrates, just 0.05 grams per serving, and high in protein, we consider our indulgent pork treats to be one of the best keto snacks — whether as part of your main meal or as an energy-boosting fat bomb.
What’s more, being virtually sugar-free, they’re ideal for diabetics — having little to zero effect on glucose levels. No preservatives or additives mean they’re excellent for auto-immune dieters, and zero gluten makes them the ultimate IBS or coeliac food.
Pascal’s Pork Scratchings can be consumed as part of the following diets:
Low-carb diets — keto, Atkins, Whole30.
Diabetic diets — just 0.1 grams of sugar per serving.
Bodybuilding diets — high in muscle-boosting protein.
Dairy-free diets — 100 percent lactose-free.
Auto-immune diets — no preservatives, grains, or seed extracts.
Coeliac and IBS diets — zero gluten.
Paleo diets — pork rind was available for our Palaeolithic ancestors.
Carnivore diets — 100 percent Australian pork and pork fat.
<h4>Tracy J.</h4>Pork Lover Bundle - 6 x 100g Packets

‘OMG! I love these pork crackles. So addictive and such a great fat and protein keto treat. I eat a pack daily.’

Jake W300g Party Packet - Premium Pork Crackle

‘Awesome scratchings! The only one I’ve found that tastes so delicious, which is a definite plus for a keto snack!!’

Bec B.100g Packet - Premium Pork Crackle Snack

‘These are the best pork crackling I have tried. No added horrible ingredients. I will certainly be buying more of these.’

Clare.50g Packet - Premium Pork Crackling Snack

‘I have auto-immune reactions to anything other than meat and salt, so have to avoid plant foods entirely. I’ve ordered quite a few packs of Pascal’s Pork Scratchings over the last few months…they contain just the right combination of protein and fat for a carnivore/ketogenic lifestyle.’