Australia’s Ultimate Pork Scratchings

Deep-fried to perfection with an unmatched crunch, Pascal’s Pork Scratchings are traditionally prepared using a classic family recipe. Our premium pork cracklings are a taste sensation that's impossible to resist once they hit your lips. Proudly made in Australia, our luxury pork rinds are crafted with home-style techniques that deliver the pinnacle of texture and flavour.
Explore our range of premium pork scratchings and discover why they’re the top choice for pork crackling enthusiasts. Shop now to enjoy the perfect combination of tradition and taste!

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Pascal’s Pork Crackling — Our Quality Ingredients

No preservatives, artificial flavours, colourings or MSG, just three natural ingredients — thoughtfully hand-picked 100% Australian pork rind, finest spices & seasonings, and quality lard for cooking.
It’s this traditional back-to-basics ideology and trust in quality ingredients that allows Pascal’s Pork Scratchings to simply taste better.
And, while our ingredients and preparation processes are reassuringly traditional, Pascal’s Pork Scratchings are ideal for modern dieting approaches — Discover more about our nutritional value to Australians

Australian Owned and Operated

Pascal’s Pork Scratchings are slow-cooked and carefully packaged on Australia's NSW, Central Coast. We cook fresh batches of Pascal's Pork Scratchings daily to ensure your luxury, crisp, and golden-brown scratchings deliver the bold, well-rounded crackling flavour of a home-cooked Sunday roast.
Unlike many pork rind snack manufacturers, we don’t believe in loading our premium pork scratchings with artificial stabilizers or additives.
With a just-in-time production ethos, we don’t hold masses of packed stock. By carefully preparing new tasty treats every day with quality ingredients, we guarantee that your pork scratchings taste as good as the day they were cooked.